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I am Julian Pedley, I live in North Nottinghamshire (UK)and this is my Personal Web site containing rants, raves, photo albums and personal trivia. The major part of the site is devoted to my family history, which contains some 800 names going back to Pedleys in the 17th Century.

As well as establishing a personal presence on the web for purely practical reasons, it is also a motivation and vehicle to develop technical skills such as PHP Scripting, XML, Java, CSS and such like. I have not tried to implement the "flashier" cosmetic features, or tried to make the most of the latest browsers capabilities features. I would do that if someone pays me! ("Flash" detracts from a sites usability so we'll try and avoid it!)

Julian in 2007Please read the overview of the various sections: They are accessible via the main menu bar which appears at the top of every page; this is the best way to navigate around the site. Use Google site search to check for content on this site. Do not forget to leave your comments in the guest book!

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Pedley Family Tree
My grandfather - Charles Herbert Pedley - compiled the family tree circa 1912 - a recorded it on a scroll some 20 feet long engraved with beautiful copperplate writing. Another copy was made and shared with his brothers. By putting the data on the web we can generate some more enthusiasm and hopefully work towards finding some "long lost relatives".
As well as the tree itself, you can read about the technology that brings it to you, and the people who are, or have been working on it. There is also a discussion forum where family members can discuss family history research projects, a photo album of some Pedleys from mid nineteenth century. More...
Photo Albums

This is my collection of photographs and other images. A lot of the pictures are part of the family tree collection, but many others are much more current.
The album is quite easy to use - follow the hierarchy of links below All photos to visit the different categories; or directly to Family Tree, Events in 2001 or Julian through the ages and so on.

The Photo album was built from the open source Slooze photo album software which I have customised to suit my requirements. It can now generate the thumbnail images in the size you specify; readers can also select the layout via the preferences menu at the bottom of every page.



I have a been working on some other web sites:

  • Halifax Bomber Memorial in Farnsfield (Nottinghamshire), which remembers the Commonwealth air crew who lost their lives when returning from a mission in 1944.
Lest We Forget
New York skyline, pre-Sept 11
Anjali 24th April
Photo Album
Special Interest
  • Family Tree updated (1/1/07)...Edward Pedley and Beverley Cambell's details added
  • Navigation, layout coding standards enhanced
  • Message board email setup fixed
  • Ged-It (my online Family tree viewer / Gedcom retriever now fixed
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